A Taste For All

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Floss Recipes

Nutri Taste floss is a popular topping for many foods such as porridge, salads, vegetable dishes, soups, cereals and rice dishes. A favourite stand-alone snack, it is also used as filling in buns and pastries. In fact, Nutri taste floss is widely used by some of the leading bakeries and pastry houses in Malaysia as an essential ingredient in their floss buns and pastries.

Have a bite and enjoy its delicious taste today!


Nutri Taste 肉丝用来配粥、 沙拉、 蔬菜、 汤、 麦片及饭等, 可即时提升食物的美味, 也可单独食用, 或作为面包及糕点的馅料。 实际上, 马来西亚的主要西点和面包店都广泛采用 Nutri Taste 的肉丝作为肉松面包及糕点的主要材料。

享用一口, 回味无穷!