A Taste For All

Nutri Taste Sdn Bhd incorporated in 2004 is Malaysia's first recognized Halal Tuna and chicken Floss manufacturer. Specialising in the production and distribution of a wide selection of products including Chicken Floss, Tuna Floss, Hot Prawn Floss, Beef Floss, Chicken Floss Rolls, Tuna Floss Rolls, Hot Prawn Rolls and Beef Floss Rolls, Nutri Taste products are widely enjoyed by Malaysians and well received with customers across Asia.

Striving towards product and service excellence, Nutri Taste has invested in advanced technology and machinery to efficiently produce products that meet market demands of today.

Originating from a traditional recipe, chicken floss or popularly known as "serunding" by Malaysian, is an Asian favourite among the Chinese and Malay culture. Nutri Taste has perfected this recipe by using premium quality Halal chicken or chicken prepared using special ingredients and seasoning to achieve the light and fluffy texture with delicious taste.

Tantalizing taste buds of customers all over the world, Nutri Taste's wide range of floss products in various flavours is a popular snack food and topping to make great tasting meals. Light in weight and convenient to carry for travelling and by athletes in training, Nutri Taste products are high in nutrition, rich in protein and iron, and low in fat making it a healthy choice and a taste for all.

Nutri Taste Sdn Bhd 是马来西亚首个受认可的 Halal 鲔鱼及肉丝制造商。 专事生产及分销各类肉丝产品, 包括鸡肉丝、 鲔鱼丝、 虾肉丝、 牛肉丝、 鸡丝卷、 鲔鱼丝卷、 虾丝卷及牛肉卷, Nutri Taste 的产品广受国民喜爱, 并获得亚洲各地的顾客欢迎。

矢志追求卓越的产品及服务, Nutri Taste 投资先进的科技及机械提高生产的效率以迎合市场的需求。

源自传统秘方制作的肉丝被马来西亚人称为 "serunding" 是华人及马来人文化里钟爱的亚洲食品。 Nutri Taste 使用上等的 Halal 鸡肉或其他肉类, 配以其他特别的材料调味而制成美味可口的肉丝产品。

满足世界各地顾客的味蕾享受, Nutri Taste 的各式产品已成为广受欢迎的小食。 轻盈易携带的肉丝是旅游及运动员受训的最佳食品。 Nutri Taste 的产品营养价值高, 含有丰富的蛋白质及铁质, 低脂肪, 是美味的健康食品首选。